What are 5 pieces of equipment used in cricket?

In the modern era, cricket is no longer considered a sport whereas it is becoming a religion for all of us. Are you wondering which sport has maintained its top ranking after football? If this is the case, then the answer is cricket. Although, you might find cricket as one of the most dangerous games. […]

How to choose the best Cricket Equipment for you?

Cricket Equipments

Cricket is a game which was introduced by England and it is popularized with T20 leagues around the world. The game was quite dangerous for players. So, each player must get cricket equipment with them. Cricket Equipments plays a major role in cricketer life. It is useful at the time of injury. A cricketer needs […]

Things You Need to Know About Cricket Kit Bag

Points you Should Consider for Cricket Kit Bag

Cricketers have a lot of equipment that they have to carry around. The equipment is almost common to all the cricketers in the world. From bats to their helmet’s pads and gloves, everything is carried by the cricketers in their kit bag. A kit bag has to be sufficiently big for the players so that […]

Different Types of Cricket Bats That You Can Purchase

Types of Cricket Bats

Cricket bats are one of the pieces of equipment which are used by a cricketer. These are bats that are made out of wood mostly. The bats are used by the batsman in the matches to score off runs against a bowler of the opposition side. The bats though come of different types and have […]