Introduction: the game of cricket is now a global sensation & we know that a cricket player is like a ‘gladiator’ on the pitch. The tests, ODIs, and twenty-twenty formats have infused variety & fun into the game of cricket. However, each game format has rules to follow. And all right cricket gear essentials players must know. 


Cricket balls are fancied for their hardened toughness to deliver high speed and bounce quality. Cricket balls have a specific play standard that makes them highly playable and deliverable. Every player knows there are red, pink and white balls for different game formats and specific playing conditions. 


Bats have evolved over the centuries as cricket itself has changed. The heavier bats seem to have had a great appeal before. Today with the technology in place, cricket bats are also graded and ranked on several parameters. Bat choices can happen with many factors in consideration.

Batting Gloves

A batsman wears gloves to protect his hands and fingers and ensure extra bat grip throughout the match. Batting gloves are essential cricket gear for batting players as they step out to face the bowlers on the fielding side.

Wicket Keeping Gloves

Wicket keepers try to halt the ball or limit the flow of runs behind the wicket. The wicket-keepers need extra tough webbed gloves to help grab the ball without injury. These gloves are an essential part of the cricket kit bag for practice matches.

Batting Pads

The primary goal of the batsman is to play safely without exposing any part of his body to danger or injury. The batting pads have always added extra protection to face uncertain ball deliveries by bowlers.

Thigh Pads

Thigh Pads for Cricketers

Thigh pads like leg pads protect cricket players from the potentiality of high-flying ball deliveries by bowlers. When the balls fly high, they can hit body parts like thighs.


Helmets are perhaps the most significant playing equipment in protecting the face and head from injury. 

Shoulder Pads

Like other high injury-prone sports, a cricket player’s shoulders are their way to defending the wickets. Without shoulder protection, play is impossible.

Spiked Shoes

The play conditions may differ from rain, dry or moist or cold. The grip factor while fielding or bowling may need proper play cricket shoes. Spiked shoes have proven versatile for cricket. 

Player Jersey

Today players appear in different jerseys across formats which have added flavour & glamour to cricket playing.


Without the stumps, players can hardly play. The stumps are what the batsman lives to defend to remain in the game.


The bails rest atop the stumps to hold them upright and in place. The bails are great deciders in a cricket match. 

Cricket Kit Bags

Holding all cricket gear in one place is the cricket kit bag that helps bring order and safety to all cricket gear. 

Abdominal Guard

The abdomen is soft and sensitive & when hit by a very fast-moving ball can cause severe injury. Abdominal guards cover an area of great importance to the player’s safety and health.

Accessories & Sunglasses

 There are cricket play accessories like sunglasses, sun hats or baseball caps. These ensure player comfort throughout the match.

Conclusion With these kinds of cricket gear essentials, players appear in standard play requirements. Get the best cricket gear from the Cricket Online Store in Sweden at affordable rates.

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