Cricket has become popular among people for a long span, and with its evolution, the need for safety accessories has become essential to protect the players on the field. These protective accessories enhance the performance of cricketers and mitigate the risk of getting injured while playing. By putting on high-quality safety equipment, cricketers ensure maximum safety for their bodies.

Severe injuries may affect the cricketers badly if they get muscle strains during their play without safety accessories. So, to protect the cricketers from getting injured with the ball, we provide an array of cricket accessories such as batting gloves, bats, leg guards, helmets, and footwear in Sweden. Let us look into consideration the safety accessories that you would require while playing cricket.

  • Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are an essential component in protecting batsmen from injury. Each batsman requires flexibility in handling the bats to add runs for their country. We offer the best quality batting gloves specifically designed for international players. These gloves are made from sheep and Pittards leather. All these gloves provide a good grip to the batsmen with great comfort.

  • Bats


We are considered the best pioneering cricket online store in Sweden and offer unrivaled high-quality cricket bats. Cricketers find a wide range of cricket bats in our store manufactured by popular international brands such as Adidas, CA, CEAT, DSC, G Sunny Tonny, and many more. Cricket bats are mainly modeled for hard-hitting batsmen who want to lift the ball outside the ground. You can find high-quality cricket bats that can enhance your confidence to score higher every time you are at the crease.

  • Leg Guards

Leg guards play a key role in the safety of our cricketers, especially batsmen. We provide premium quality leg guards for our cricketers that are made with imported polyurethane material. The brand SG manufactures batting leg guards for test cricket with padded straps. We ensure the utmost safety of our cricketers by offering them the best leg guard safety accessory.

  • Helmets


A cricket helmet is a necessary protective gear for the players on the field. It not only ensures the safety of a batsman from the ball coming at a very fast pace but also ensures the safety of the wicketkeeper and slip fielders when the batsman hits the ball harder. Cricket Online Store Sweden is an online shopping store for the best quality cricket helmets so that you will purchase them as per your budget, level, and size. The cricket helmets are equipped with a lid that assures reliability to the cricketers for their protection from hardball cricket.

  • Cricket Footwear

Cricket Footwear

We provide lightweight cricket footwear for both women and men cricketers to increase the level of running for both competitive players. You can steam into the expertly manufactured cricket footwear by popular brands like DSC, PAYNTR, SG, and TON. They provide flexibility and durability to the batsmen to ensure good running between the wickets. Also, the fielders ensure good fielding on the ground by wearing top-quality cricket footwear. With our vast variety of footwear, you can surely find cricket footwear that fits your choice and budget.


Cricket Online Store Sweden is the best online shopping store in Sweden that boosts the performance of cricketers by offering the best quality accessories at affordable prices. It is a one-stop store for cricket accessories like bats, gloves, leg guards, and helmets that you would need for playing cricket.

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