In the modern era, cricket is no longer considered a sport whereas it is becoming a religion for all of us. Are you wondering which sport has maintained its top ranking after football? If this is the case, then the answer is cricket. Although, you might find cricket as one of the most dangerous games. So, before beginning cricket don’t forget to carry protective gears along with the given guidelines. If you wish to play cricket without any fear, you need to use certain equipment to take care of your safety. After understanding the relevance of cricket in the current lives of the people. Now, let’s talk about the various equipment used in cricket to protect yourself from any uncertainty.


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Top 5 Pieces of Equipment Used in Cricket

The below-listed points explain the finest pieces of equipment used in cricket:

Cricket Ball

In case you wish to know the material used in cricket balls, you can go through the website of Cricket Online Store Sweden. As a result, you can find the answer is leather. Along with this, you can also check the shape of the ball and it is spherical. To understand how many pieces are used to cover the ball, you can find two pieces. Whereas in international cricket two different types of balls are in use for different formats. In case you are interested to know what type of ball is used in different matches, you check the points listed below:

  • Red color ball is used in Test Cricket.
  • White Color ball is utilized in both T20 and ODI matches or formats.
  • Pink color ball is used for day and night test series.

The color of the ball is mentioned in the laws of cricket. So, you are obliged to follow the above-mentioned balls according to the type of match.

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Cricket Helmet

In order to protect your wicketkeeper and batsman from a cricket ball, you can advise them to use a cricket helmet. The material used in the cricket helmet is hard plastic and a lot of metals. If you wish to know how the cricket helmet is used by wicketkeepers and batsmen, you can go through the below-listed points:

  • Batsman- Helmet is applied during batting.
  • Wicketkeeper- Helmet is applied at the time of wicketkeeping.

Wicketkeeping Gloves

Are you wondering how a wicketkeeper can catch a ball without any injury to the hand or fingers? If this is the case, then you need to use wicketkeeping gloves. The design of the gloves is created as per the size of the human hands. These gloves are made up of cloth and leather. You can feel that the inner side of the glove is softer as compared to the outer part.

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Cricket Pads

With the help of a cricket pad, you can protect the lower body of the batsman as well as the wicketkeeper. It is worn on the legs at the time of batting and wicketkeeping. The inner part of the pads is soft and is made up of cloth whereas the outer part is harder than the inner part.


The shape of the stump is in the cylindrical form at the long shape and the endpoint is of spear shape. In cricket three stumps are used and it is considered a mandatory part of cricket. You can find that the stumps are placed on the ground and they are so close to each other that there is no scope for the ball to pass between them.

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