Introduction: at the mere mention of cricket, a memory of some great moments that have redefined the sport evokes fondness. But, if we randomly ask, do you know all the essential cricket kit items for the players? Anyway, we are here to ensure you stay updated and informed on anything about cricket. 

10 Essential Cricket Kit Items for Regular Players

Cricket Bats

Cricket bats are pieces of wooden equipment that players use to hit the ball for runs. Bats add zing & fun to the entire mix of run scores. They are sometimes called willows & come in various grades, sizes, weights & shapes. Depending on the cricket player’s placement in the batting order & height, a player can choose cricket bats.

Cricket Shoes

Spiked shoes are always a constant companion of cricketers. Given different play conditions of the pitch, grip, as you bowl, bat, field or keep the stumps isn’t uniform. Spiked shoes give cricketers grip & avoid slipping or falling while playing in extremely dewy or inclement weather conditions. 

Thigh Pads

Thigh pads help make safe play possible. Bouncing balls off the pitch can turn the batman’s body. Thigh pads are protective in this respect. 

Batting Pads

They are the gladiator component in a cricket player’s kit. When the player is all padded up with legs, more confidence comes to play the tough cricket shots & bowler deliveries without fear.

Kit Bags

Cricket players try to look collected with their cricket gear/equipment under one bag. Kit bags have been part of keeping & maintaining order & relative discipline of having cricket gear in one place. Whether it’s a duffle or wheel cricket kit bag, it adds to the players dashing personality & presence.  

Batting Gloves

It’s impossible to keep a perfect grip on the bat after spending a while in the middle. Also, the possibility of being hit by a hard fast-moving cricket ball isn’t entirely impossible in a cricket match. Gloves are a player’s line of defence to the hands & fingers but are also valuable with extra grip on the bat. 


Cricket Helmet

Cricket players go the extra mile to play with the protection of vital organs like the head. The helmet is one such solid essential cricket kit. 


We cannot hope to play without the cricket balls. Today, there are several types of balls according to match play conditions & timing.

Stumps & Bails

The striker wicket is always precious. The striker must defend it in front of the stumps. He can either be directly clean-bowled by a bowler, run out or defend his wicket from wicketkeepers and fielders. The stumps and bails decide whether the cricket player continues in the match.

Keeping Gear & Accessories

There are other accessories for wicketkeepers like wicketkeeper gloves and sunglasses/visors that protect against too many UV rays in sunny play conditions.

Conclusion Playing cricket is about safety, readiness & alertness with the right protective gear in the kit bag. And cricket online store Sweden is the most affordable way to have the essential & complete cricket kit. 

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